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Cosmetic Dentistry

A healthier, whiter smile is about more than mere appearance—it boosts your confidence and self-esteem. In addition, good dental health has a positive impact on your overall health, reducing your chances of disease, according to information from the Mayo Clinic.

Advanced technology has made cosmetic dentistry more convenient and affordable than ever. Here are a few of the most common procedures we perform at our convenient Elmsford location:

Zoom!® Whitening

Years of drinking coffee, wine or tea eventually take their toll on your teeth, turning them from clean white to a light yellow or brownish hue. While there are several different types of over-the-counter dental whitening strips and toothpaste, none of these are as effective and long-lasting as the Zoom! ® advanced whitening services offered in our office.

How does Zoom!® Whitening work?

Our Zoom!® whitening treatment is a highly customized process tailored to the needs of each patient. Before we begin, we carefully evaluate the level of whitening you desire. Then, we apply a protective dental dam over your gums. Typically, Zoom!® treatment consists of four sessions of 15 minute treatments. During each treatment, we place a specialized bleach on your teeth and expose it to a chairside lamp.

To ensure we are working towards obtaining the best results, we stop after each round of bleaching and examine the shade of your teeth. After the third round of bleaching, we check to determine if your teeth have reached the desired level of whitening or if you would like to complete a fourth round.

We realize that each patient has a different vision of the perfect smile. We work with you to make that desire come to fruition. Contact us to determine how we can best serve you.

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Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are prosthetic teeth supported by a titanium post which is surgically placed in your jaw. Your bone then fuses to the implant in a process called osseointegration.

When would you need dental implants?

Dental implants are a great long-term solution for those who:
• Have missing teeth
• Have weak tooth structure
• Need bridges
• Need to replace uncomfortable dentures with more permanent teeth

Dental Veneers

What are Dental Veneers?

Veneers are tooth-colored shells that are used to cover the front of your teeth. They are usually made of porcelain and are used to correct chipped, crooked or stained teeth. In order to place the veneers, we first remove a small piece of tooth enamel and then fuse these thin shells into place on the tooth.

Clear Aligners

Straight teeth can vastly improve your dental health. Crooked and crowded teeth are harder to clean, and it’s easy for bacteria to build up between them. This can set the stage for a deep cavity or infection.

Instead of “railroad track” braces, we can utilize clear aligners through Invisalign ® and ClearCorrect ®. The benefit of clear aligner technology is that there is no need for the uncomfortable, elastic material—called alginate—that is used to make an impression of your mouth. We’re now able to utilize 3D digital technology to capture the exact specifications we need. Even better, we’ll be able to show you what your finished smile will look like.

This advanced approach means that this orthodontic treatment is more accessible and affordable than ever. Please contact us or stop by our office and get meet our dentist in Elmsford – we’ll be happy to discuss your options to give you the smile you desire.

G&M Dental is the Perfect Choice for Cosmetic Dentistry in Elmsford

G&M Dental is dedicated to providing the best, personalized care for members of our community. We utilize the latest dental technology to give you the smile you want and deserve. We’ll be happy to thoroughly explain all of your options and welcome the opportunity to answer any of your questions. Contact Us to learn more.